Tuesday, 29 December 2009


There's nothing fancy here just good music, man i love this band

Friday, 25 December 2009

FRIDAY NIGHT DROP (the red show opening party)


First i want to start by thanking all the artists who contributed there amazing pieces to the red show, i know people drop this line all the time but we really really couldn't have done it without you all really! we were all crazy over whelmed by how much time and effort you all went through! really a hundred times THANK YOU!!!
the red show was a bit of a step into the dark for us, just to see what would happen. I never hide how much faith i have in my crew and fully believe we can move mountains, so i was not so quietly confident we could make something great, and my god when all the art was on the wall it looked amazing and the night was the most fun I've had in soooooo long i cant remember, it was the kinda night you know you'll remember and think back to fondly
aside form the turn out the biggest compliment in my humble opinion and the biggest success was the reaction of the crowd to the work and the fact that almost every contributing art was talking about coming to the cabin when it morphs back into a working studio to work together on more art, that big right?!?!?
after the show was over, and the after party was done, when i got home the morning after the night before i went to sleep with a big fat stupid looking smile on my face...that's what life's all about right?!?!








Sunday, 20 December 2009

Lebron, Kobe, Santa vs Blitzen Nike Commercial

sometimes... most of the time i'm a bit of a simple mind and this simple ad makes me smile

Friday, 18 December 2009



We are days away from the 25th and are hopes for a white Christmas has been lifted with snow making London look amazing, but it has also forced the city to slow its role. but here at JOLIE ROUGE were going harder than ever! 2010 is all about going in and going hard and for me its all or nothing, there's a feeling of make or break in the air and I'm grabbing it with both hands.
there's so much happening this weekend in preparation for the new year its crazy kinda hard to know where to begin... so I'll just jump in.
you all know about THE RED SHOW. and you know its opening tomorrow as I've been pushing it for the last couple of drops,so if your in the dark about that where have you been?!?
what you don't know is we are expanding the Jolie Rouge family with another shop!!! that's right another shop. it will be Jolie Rouge THE CROWS NEST and it is on Oxford street in the heart of London, kinda feels like we've landed. before we open it as a fully functioning tattoo shop we are going to use it as a pop-up JOILE ROUGE outlet opening today.
in will feature a whole host of originally Art prints and apparel including exclusive rebel 8shirts, so if you don't want to miss out get down there quick!!!
its all going off here.
as I'm writing this I'm looking at a bunch of work that needs my attention so I'm out. but keep checking back for more news. and sorry if i sound a little more disjointed than normal, I'm just hella excited at the minute




Monday, 14 December 2009


Maestro Knows - NYC Edition (13th Witness) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

If you know me you know how in love i am with new york, not in a i wish i was there in love, like i get a crazy home sick feeling from not being there. i know it sounds crazy but its true. and this video capturs so much of what i love about new york
and if you dont know about the kid mastro's blog you better get to know. its super fresh!!!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Friday, 11 December 2009

FRIDAY NIGHT DROP (two shots for the red show)

drop 10.12.09

This time next week the shop will be a hive of activity getting everything finished for THE RED SHOW but this week were all basking in the calm before the storm were getting painting landing on the door mat every day and every single one is as amazing as the last, i don't mind saying I'm feeling massively overwhelmed but the quality of the work, everyone's having to step there game up for this one.
here are the two painting i will have in the show the pictures of the work isn't the best as the water colour in through glass and the oil is still wet but if you come down to the show you can see them as they were intended to be seen.
the opening will be amazing see you all in person then.

1 drop 10.12.09

2 drop 10.12.09

Friday, 4 December 2009

KATE TEMPEST (friday night drop)


Working in a tattoo shop we get a lot of people rolling through telling tall tails about what they do or hyping the living daylights out of what they have going on. Really! half the people we get say they are M.C's, run clothing, labels and the rest say they are photographers.
so when Kate came through to get a tattoo by cherissa G i was told she was an amazing rapped/poet but she didn't mention it at all. she was crazy humble and super cool to hang with.
i didn't think much about the chance meeting until i was played this clip today and was blown away in a crazy way. so blown away i scraped the Friday night drop i was going to post today so i could introduce you all to Kate Tempest and share this clip.
there are very few people who are as talented as Kate and still managed to hold it down and still be cool. if there's any justice in the world Kate will be doing big things for a long time. three chears for nice people getting ahead, if your into it support her and help push it forward.

kate tempist 2


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