Friday, 30 October 2009



This years flying by faster than red rum with a jet pack, i blinked in spring and its autumn again. don't get me wrong i love autumn it's the best season. red leaves on the ground, Halloween, people start to get festive and i get to celebrate the day i landed on this plant!!!
i cant help but get crazy nostalgic this time of year, and its been a crazy one i think I've taken more that my Fair share of knocks this year but I'm still standing and i still have my stupid smile all over my face and with opportunities landing at my feet like never before so I'm good
like most ambitious people i am massively guilty of have my head down and working toward the future but fall always manages to make me stop and look up and when i do I'm always crazy grateful to see than i have a bunch of great people around me looking out, I've been punching blind for a while, kinda lost but for the firest time in a long time it feels like i have the right combination of super nice and like minded people holding there shit down and it really feels like we can change the world... or at least are world.

Theres big things popping over here!!!

2 drop 30.10


Friday, 23 October 2009

FRIDAY NIGHT DROP (the red show)

the red show

This week is another one from the cabin. this is a super sneak preview of what we have coming from the cabin. so let me introduce you to THE RED SHOW this will be the first time we will be publicly opening up the cabin in the form of an exhibition. we have collective hand picked list of people we have invited to join the show, as i write this i have the list of super talented and more importantly super nice people who have confirmed there invitation. I'm soo excited its ridiculous.
another thing we took into consideration in we don't want the whole exhibition filled with water colours which is what has become expected of tattoo related art exhibitions so expect the unexpected... its a really exciting time over here, keep up things are moving fast!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


shelle ass

Here is a new painting for your eye meats. its a little in joke if you get it you get it in you done you better get to know, but on a serious not i learned a lot about colour theory when i was making this. and I've managed of apply it to me tattoos! so I'm feeling good about this one.

Monday, 19 October 2009


buy buy buy blog

if you have spent any time with me you will know i like to act up and if you ever trying to talk you self into buying something stupid you really want but really don't need I'm the first to encourage yo to treat your self.
you have no idea how many times live acted out this strip in real life... still makes me laugh

Saturday, 17 October 2009


Theres nothing more fun to draw to that 80's classic the the goonies is the best!!! yep better that the outsiders!!! that's right!!! the this video is so much fun.

Friday, 16 October 2009


cabin blog 1

This is the Friday night drop i wanted to bring you last week but i was a bit of a scatter brain with my camera to i didn't get all the pictures i wanted.
if you you regularly check my postes you will remember me posting and getting all excited about "the cabin" well ( drum roll) its finish and fully functioning. as a super layed back tattoo space and art workshop. On the tattoo front both Matt difa and Charissa from the craw have tattooed there and we have also hosted Markus Lanhard a stupidly talented tattooist and more importantly a really nice guy to hang with and will be having more guests passing through.
but the most important and best thing about the cabin is that it given us an opportunity to paint and draw side by side helping bust are craft forward and as its away from the distractions of home it allows you to work with a clear head, i predict big things coming out of that place... kinda feels like were making history!!! (I'm a modest motherfucker right?!?)

keep you eyes and ears peeled for the new drop!!! you wont want to miss it!!!



Thursday, 15 October 2009


bright eyes


Here is a new water colour I've made in peroration for a new exhibition

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Here is am amazing time lapse video by Bleach, Probs, Busk and Zadok. it was created for the premier of watchmen and was played no loop behind the whole red carped media circus.
each seen took one day to complete and was blacked out at the end of the day. I think its on of the best graff recording I've seen it a long time

Friday, 9 October 2009

FRIDAY NIGHT DROP (a buck short and a day late)


Its that time again but unfortunately... fuck that, fortunately time ran away from me this week as i have been crazy busy drawing, tattooing and star gazing and i didn't get a chance to finish putting together the drop i had planned for this week.
I'm a little bummed out about it because it was going to be a good one (there are exciting thing happening over here) and i didn't want to rush it to get it out but all that means is I'll have time to put it together the right way ya know, as they say more speed and lees haste so to make a mends for the weak drop this time round the first person to send me an e-mail will get them self a free painting that right free shit!!! but be quick!!!!

and I'll leave you with a little snap shot of my world.




Tuesday, 6 October 2009



this weekend was the London tattoo conventing to I'm feeling recharged and all gassed up about tattooing again, and not just about the crazy colourful crazy shit i ab blessed enough to be asked to do but I'm even excited about the big black work, i always underestimate how much fun making a sleeve of decorative black shapes. its almost like meditation following the body shapes and muscle forms to create some thing that will not only look good but will enhance the body and in a well crafted tattoo improve on what is there.
i will post up a finished picture of the tattoo on its completion

Friday, 2 October 2009

FRIDAY NIGHT DROP (cranimals project)


the carnimals project has been a long time in the baking as a lot of collaborations can be. i cant really say touch about it mainly because the final i's need dotting and the t's need crossing but we are on are way and i have some of the first sketches for the paintings here for your viewing plesure



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