Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Maaaaan summer is all about gettin fly and having fun and its video maked me want to get dressas up all stupin in the moring just to piss off the squares on my commute, remind my self i'm fly in NYC (fact)and tattoo to bay area high-fee all day. all i need now is the sun shine and i'm there.

Friday, 14 August 2009


Kings cross really changes when the sun go's down, if you've been there you'll know its not a Paradise when the sun is out but when it go's down it looses its mind.
i walked passed three crying people on my way to the train, and when i got on the train there was a crying girl on in the carriage opposite, i couldn't let her cry on her own so i went over two seconds into the conversation i realised three

1) this lady in super drunk

2) i can not connect with her problem

3) there is nothing i can say to make her feel better, and she's not really listening.

but i let her talk at me till me stop came. all i got from the conversation is her boyfriend is...(i kinda switched off) and London can be a dark place

I'll i have to say about that is what i said to the girl, don't loose heart everything feels better in the cold light of day

lonley london

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


I love this song the and the video i have a lot of time for bashy after that black boys song, and bashy holding the Crystal ball in this video kinda reminds my of David bowie in labyrinth. i love that film... i kinda veered of the point
bashys bring some strong U.K pressure breaaaaaaap!!!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


If you travel in London in the morning I'm sure you are familiar with the metro, you know the drill you pick it up scan through it not really take anything in and ditch it when you arrive at your station. but many never find the hidden jem at the back.
the Neni comic strip... o.k most of the time it's just a little strange and dry but every now and again they print one the makes me laugh out loud. and every one knows laughing on your own on public transport is the best.



Sunday, 9 August 2009

Kid Cudi X Augor

i was a little late to be turned on to Augor art but I'm all over it now i love how 80's it all is and teaming him up with the man on the moon can only be a good thing. I'm always excited by Culbertson and close up took into how two forces work together and how that affects the out come. but as you can see this collaboration is nothing but a success

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