Tuesday, 29 March 2016


If you have been in Instagram you would have seen all the people trying to save there accounts from becoming lost in the crowd and keeping their flock attending by trying to get people to set up push notifications to alert them of posts. But can you imagine how boring and irritating the will be!!! I can say I'm even 100% sure how there planning on changing Instagram but but I kinda wish they wouldn't. I cant say I'm surprised old things die and we all move to the next. I always believe its silly to put you happiness and you money in the hands of others so with that in mind I think this is when I step away from the crowd. I'm not saying I'm going to stop using social media because thats ridiculous!How ever I'm going to go back to the old school way of promotion. And take control of my promotion. To me old school means a .com site where I can control everything I put out and cultivate my own audience, and use social media, video content, flyers and dace to face events to control my future. it's an exciting time, and I'm excited to get involved


i was just cleaning out my phone to make space for more pictures, and i happened across this, picture from when i helped my buddy Jay reed (not in the picture) ant Tino canal with a segment for charlie sloths show. i know i lot of artists hate dealing with with the media, but i kinda like being a back ground figure in these thing, its always interesting to be behind the seens with other creatives are working... never as glamorus as it looks on the outside, but always fun

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