Friday, 27 November 2009

FRIDAY NIGHT DROP (the red show, three weeks to go)

27.11.09 drop 1

good evening all. here we are, together again for the Friday night drop. and this week I'm bring you the full list of the international artists we have gracing us with there art for the opening of the red show, and more importantly the cabin.
everyone on the list is someone we consider friends of the shop its as simple as that. we are trying to create a fun and creative environment away from the beef and politics the tattoo and art industry attracts.
its too tempting to leek the amazing art we are starting to receive but you'll have to come to the show to see it. if you miss it your missing a part of history and i really don't think I'm over hyping it.

were making history

27.11.09 drop 2


Monday, 23 November 2009


my first oil

This is the very first oil painting I've made it was a pure experiment but it turned out alright. I've been painting with acrylic for forever and i picked up a water colour a couple of years ago but i was always a little intimidated by oils and all the chemistry that comes with it, but now I've dipped my toe in I'm loving the proses and I'm already working on a full scale oil for the red show!!! keep your eyes open. there will be a work in progress post soon.

Friday, 20 November 2009

FRIDAY NIGHT DROP (good looking out)

20.11.09 drop 1

hell yea I'm back at it. there was no drop last week because i was off celebrating the day i landed on this planet. i never really do anything on my birthday but everyone around me kinda stepped in and made it an amazing day. I'm always super surprised when people take time out of there lives to wish me a happy birthday but you all did and I'm super grateful.(i was rocking a big smile om my face) here are some pictures of where i was and what I've been doing.

and to make up for the no show drop last week there I'll be a surprised drop later this week. i will be talking about the rules i will be opening my free project book.

20.11.09 drop 2

20.11.09 drop 3

Friday, 6 November 2009

FRIDAY NIGHT DROP (day of the dead)

dotd 1

O.K O.K you five and a half strong angry mob who follow this blog you can douse you torches and put down your pitch forks. i know its a couple of hours late but never fear the Friday night drop has landed. like i always say if the drop is late its because I'm out in the real world walking the walk not in the digital world talking the talk.
this week is all about the day of the dead. unlike years past a gave a miss to the greedy rough necks kids pounding the streets, wrapped in bin liners, begging for chocolate. i headed out to the day of the dead parade and it was sombrero loads of fun.
i didn't realise London had such a strong Mexican population! it made the little Mexican gangster that lives in me very happy. it was a positive thing to see. i love it when this city suppresses me and lets me see it with a fresh perspective.

dotd 2

dotd 3

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


this shit right here is to good. a lot of people have been calling it a flip book animation but i don't think calling it a flip book is an insult!!! crazy

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