Monday, 30 June 2008

lifes like that

there is nothing like tattooing somewhere highly visible to make you more conscious of how important some tattoo are. its a million years away from tattooing something stupid on a friends leg, and when your told it's a memorial piece mid tattoo it really sobers you.
i went home feeling really privaliger knowing people allow me to do what i do...

Monday, 23 June 2008

Parris Whittingham

i know Kanya posted this a couple of weeks a go but this picture is amazing. the original picture was taken by Parris Whittingham. this is the shit dreams are made of. i love the little hoy air balloon.

i was the fastest in a race of 500

everybody who knows me knows i I'm love with New York but London London is always my first love its the best city in the world! Fact! ever with its dirt, grime, rats and pidgins its Beautiful.

Monday, 16 June 2008


this tattoo is all about the positioning and the flow. the plan was to make her look tattooed with out making her looked like a "tattooed person"...? if that makes any sence?
but it really worked well

mary's mum had 4 kids north, sount, east. what was the forth one called?

i have also been tattooing more that ever. its really feeling like its all coming together and i'm loving it! keeping under the radar and workinh hard really pays of.

this guy came in with his dagger eye heart drawing and it was a perfect fit with all the rest of his work i stenciled it straight from this sketch and we put it on him. and the position is soo nice


i,ve just finished this portrait it was to much fun to do i haven't done a painting in water colour before and it was so much fun it put the life back into my paintings and i'm sure putting a little more of this in my paintings going to help my style evolve

three cheers for evolution

Monday, 9 June 2008

Blood On Paper

The Blood on paper exhibition at the V&A is amazing.

i love books more than anything and seeing all the different interpratatins of book is amazing the best exhibition i've seen in a long time. infact it made me rush home and start work on my own book!!!
go see it its a free exhibition so go see it!!! it may change your life. fact

"new hope"

new painting watercolour on 300gm paper. i was doing thing as a study on the effects of colour vibrancy on perspective and playing with where i light source can come from long story short i learned a lot and got this pretty picture as a reward

"New Hope"

Monday, 2 June 2008

They Love

i loved making this painting working in water colour is the funnest.

i was going to have prints of this for the Amstardam tattoo convention but i couldn't make it out there, next year for sure.

but on a good note i do have prints for sale and they are super limiter so get them while there hot.

the original is not for sale just yet but i hope to have an exhibition later this year so you can fight it out for the originals then.

"They Love"

walking that walk

this blog has been a little light on posts but i've been hella tide up walking the instead of wasting time talking the talk...

This tattoo was made by me

This tattoo was made by Steve Vinall /Javi Lee

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