Monday, 19 May 2008

Ben Weller

I will be working with Ben Weller on a magazine feature soon. he is an amazing photographer and a really nice guy all going well we'll be able to make something amazing. that all I'll say about that for now

i don't like talking about stuff till the fat lady has sung and there is a fork sticking out of it.

here are some of his beautiful photographs.

strip it back to the bone

I'm really on a mission to refine my drawing so i can push forward with my art and tattooing and if your building a mansion you sure as hell need strong foundations
and there is nothing more striped back and basic than old school so here's a slice of old school

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

painting tester

I haven't done any water colour paintings in the longest time but i felt inspired to start painting again... good times

but this is what i make. i kinda like it... may use it for a limited run business card

Monday, 12 May 2008

Can of goodness

Down this street

In this shop

In this fridge ( i got a little perez on this one)

In this can

Made this boy very happy

theres nothing better on a hot "summers" day than a cool can or what every in there. i heard it contains unicorns milk

and it really reminds me of my home from home New York City.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

fill your boots

people say imitation is the sincerest compliment... the person who first said that obviously never had there work bit.

I'm not saying I've never "referenced" someones work but its one thing to be inspired by someones but its a whole different kettle of fish to straight up rip it of then try to convince your self and the world that its your innovations. well your fooling no one.

here is my words of wisdom for biters. if your feeding of my plate your eating day old food, it will make you sick. i save the fresh stuff for my self.

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