Sunday, 19 June 2016

NEW YORK CITY 2016 (boricua)

I think the biggest thing that made this trip so different was being able to share it with a bigger group of like minded people and hanging out with people who already call the city home.
Really influenced how i will be interacting with people in the future and made me realise work and play don't have to be two separate thing.

if you work it right you get to play all the time

see you soon New York City.
miss you already.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

NEW YOUK CITY 2016 (where dreams are made)

wondering around this city always fuels and ambitions, hardens my work ethic and reminds me there are like minded people in the world.
people who get up in the morning with a fire in them to make the most of it come what may. that attitude seems to be the life blood of the place.
i love this city with all me heart. one day i will call it home

Friday, 17 June 2016

NEW YORK CITY 2016 (Tom loves Rosie like Joanie loves Chachi)

This past week has fully been the highlight of this year. getting back to new York in always the best feeling, but this time round it was much much better. i was in new York celebrating. the wedding of my good friends Tom and Rosie and what an amazing wedding it was, a week filled with love fun and friends! one of the moments in time you wish you could keep in a box and revisit again and again.
i really would like to say thank you to the newly married Gillmors for allowing me to be part of your occasion.

someone in London loves you

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