Thursday, 28 January 2010 (TEARES)

Noel Clarke is back at it again. like kidulthood and adulthood its another gritty if not over glamorised look and the big LDN, directed and written buy Mr Clarke himself so you kinda know what your going to get. something simultaneously entertaining and irritating... I'm a fan.

Friday, 22 January 2010

FRIDAY NIGHT DROP ( bogus gasman )


hello one Friday has rolled round again and its that time again
his week the drop is all... well mostly dedicated to the Bogus gasman lady and lady.
i feel a little shamed to say it but I've worked with the T-bone player and lady of the bogus clam Charissa for years and I've never made it out to one of her shows... i know, i know, shame on me! but i rectified the situation and went out to one of there shows and was blown away but how good there were. good music with good people is what its all about.
i know they,ve just finished recording a new E.P and have a bunch of new merch so if you like ske-core and good times get involved!!! like i always say. its good to see good people making it so get behind this and help push it through



Thursday, 21 January 2010


i can hear the deafening sound of girl friends all over the land rolling there eyes!!!... hell yea the Vader hoodie has a cape!!!

Friday, 15 January 2010

FRIDAY NIGHT DROP (make the reach)


O.k I'm going to keep this one super short but not so sweet. for most of us there are little opportunities to change the world for the better, so when something as terrible as the earthquake in Haiti in January the 12Th happens it kinda feels like a call to arms to everyone who is in a position to do something no matter how small.
so in the spirit of making a reach when ever possible i will be donating the proseeds from the sale of the two paintings i have in the red shop at the cabin to Haiti so if you were thinking about getting your hands on the painting, now's the time. You get a piece of art and make a change in the world... everybody wins!!!
that's all i want to say about that




Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Friday, 8 January 2010

FRIDAY NIGHT DROP ( wonder lust )

2  08.01.10 drop

good evening one and all we are eight days in to the new year, its normally about this time when people start to feel the strain of there over ambushes new years resolutions. weather its get healthier, start reading, bla bla bla what ever people say there going to do. its about now people start to feel it, for me i hit the ground running and i haven't stopped saying yes seems to be doing the trick.
this drop is mainy so let you all know which conventions i will be at this coming year. i am hoping to hit as many conventions as possible this year. get out see more and hang out with friends i don't get a chance to see normally so I'm hella excited about life at the moment.

at the moment i have two contentions confirmed. Brighton and Liverpool. with more to come so if you are looking to get an appointment with my when I'm in your town just send me an e-mail. or call the shop. it'll be a good time

Liverpool tattoo convention
Sat, June 19th, 2010 at 11:00 - 9:00pm
Sun, June 20th, 2009 at 11:00 - 9:00pm
Mountdord hall
160 mount pleasant
United kingdom

Brighton Tattoo Convention
the brighton racecourse
30th - 31st jan
sat 12am-12pm
sun 12am-8pm

1  08.01.10 drop

Friday, 1 January 2010

FRIDAY NIGHT DROP (autopsy of a year)


Wow how quick did that year pass!! I mean god damn!!! i think i blinked in January, my eyes opened just in time to hit up new york in April, turned my back in spring and before i knew it summer was over. wished fall away and woke up just in time to grab life by the Coller, shut down my head, set fire to my heart and stub an emotional toe before the year was out.
really the year has flown buy like a fat kid chasing an ice cream van and I'm glad to say a lot has changed through the course of the year. i cant say it has been the most fun year but i can say it has been a bit of an adventure.
This year i learned no situation good or bad lasts forever, and that i am a lot braver than i have been letting myself be, so in the sprite of that in 2010 in will be the bravest boy ever. i will be grabbing life be the neck and making it my bitch... kinda like Adabeze in oz... only less gross.
i will be wearing my heart on my sleeve, complimenting people instead in just thinking them and fulling turning my life over to the power of yes!!! life's a lot more fun with more yes and less no! i fully believe 2010 will be the best year ever and i know this because I'm going to make it happen, life's not about putting your happiness and success in the hands of others, its about making things happen for your self so good night 2009 and good morning 2010.

"may the best of your today's, be the worst of your tomorrows"

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